Hebah Ahmed

Hebah Ahmed is an inspiring aktivist/ blogger from United States and she educate others about her decision wearing a vail in a wise and relevant way. I find it really difficult these days where people can actually answer the question without changing the subject or lead it to something else. Many describe it as it’s a part of religion which they follow without really reflecting about it, and I am guilty of this one too. It is true that the purpuse of hijab is between you and god, but when we live in a socity where others tries to take our rights wearing it, you need to be able to decribe it in a relevent way .A relevant way where you don’t need to bring up any spiritual emotions or similar elements, instead focus on how it benefits an individual in today’s society. Down her is an inspirational quote from Hebah Ahmed during a debate on CNN.
“Basically, I want people to know that when I choose to cover this way it’s because I am fighting against a systematic oppression against women in which women’s bodies are being sexualized and objectified. This is a different perspective and a different form of empowerment in which I think when I’m in public, my sexuality is in my control and people have to deal with my brain and who I really am and not judge me by my body. And if we want to really talk about the oppressive situation of women, let’s talk about all the eating disorders, all of the plastic surgery, all of the unhealthy diets that are being done, all in the name of having the perfect body. To me, this is liberating and this is empowering. Mona keeps saying I believe, I believe, I believe, well, we don’t make laws based on what Mona believes or what anybody believes.”

– Hebah Ahmed, http://muslimmatters.org/2011/04/12/cnn-hebah-ahmed-muslimmatters-blogger-debates-mona-eltahawy-over-french-niqab-burka-ban/